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Executo por encomenda móveis em miniatura, ambientes e casas de bonecas. Dou orçamento e prazo de entrega.

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My fabric Catalogue!!!! O meu catálogo de tecidos!!!!!

O meu catálogo de Tecidos com padrões pequeninos!!! Especial para miniaturas, casas de bonecas e vestidos de bonecas!
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High Quality Fabrics! Real fabrics not ink jet printed fabrics!!! Visit my new Blog Forever Fabrics

Hard to find fabrics with tiny patterns, a great variety of more then 550 different patterns, flowers, dots, stripes, checks, geometric, faux patchwork, all suitable for 12th scale or even less.

I buy all around the world so buying from me you will save in P&P!!!

If you don´t feel confortable to buy directly from me, I will be happy to make a list for you, on my Etsy shop!
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colecção de bules - teapot collection

Para os interessados na minha colecção de bules aqui ficam algumas fotografias, tenho mais uns quantos, guardados numa arca, pois não tenho espaço para os ter todos em exposição, principalmente sem apanharem pó.

Some of my friends are interested in my teapot collection, so here are some pictures. I have more but they are stored since I have no more room to show all of them.


Gifts from Katie

Look all the beautiful things I received from Katie, ( )all the way from USA !!! They are so many things and all so beautiful.
Fabrics for my bags; two lovely postcards; Miniatures, lots of tiny things....and a necklace and a bracelet , everything made by Katie.
I have no words to thank you Katie, it warms my heart to have friends like you.
A great hug from Portugal



Oh! yes, tomorrow is my last working day :):)
I will return to work the 4th of January!!!! I am so happy.
Yesterday I submitted to scientific project proposal, the dead line was 5.00 pm, so now I have time and space in my mind to dedicated to my other creative work.
I am going to spend most of the time doing the things I love most, minis included!
hugs from Portugal


Welcome to my new followers

I have to welcome my new followers, I am very happy and I invite all my readers to click in their little photo and visit their blogs, and why not join them as followers too.
I have been very busy at work, as some of you know I am a scientific senior researcher with a PhD in Biotechnology and I work, full time job, in a public research laboratory. Until the 16th of December I am preparing 3 project proposals to a national call, so until then, no time for minis.
I am working even during the week-ends.
A mini hug to everybody


Welcome to the new followers!

I'm very late in welcoming the new followers but as I said , I was in Paris for two weeks working in the Institute Pasteur.
I am very glad , I can´t belive I have almost 70 followers, thanks a lot!
I invite all the other followers and readers to visit their beautiful blogs.


Another award! Thanks Katie, I love it!!!

I received this award from Katie, which I have appreciated very much because I was selected to receive it and only 3 blogs were appointed for it, and I really love Snoopy . Thanks Katie, for this lovely award, it means a lot to me.
Latter I will name 3 blogs.

The dolls Museum Paris

I visited the Doll Museum last week-end and besides all the beautiful dolls, there is a exposition of dollhouses and scenes/roomboxes, just fantastic.
Take a look in the site there is an English version , and look at the temporary expo.


Prémio virtual - New award!

Recebi este prémio da Biby, Casa de Bonecas, podem visitar o blog dela que tenho o link na coluna da direita, nos blogs de miniaturistas portugueses.
Obrigada Biby, e em vez de nomear 10 outros blogs, dedico este prémio a todos os miniaturistas portugueses cujos blogs estão publicitados aqui no meu blog.
Também reebi est prémio da Maria José, miniaturista espanhola, visitem o blog dela que vale a pena, e também dedico este prémio às talentosas miniaturistas de Espanha. Aproveitem e visitem os blogs que tenho aqui listados, acreditem que vale a pena....



I am in Paris until next 25th Of October, working at Institut Pasteur, but I will have time to visit some miniatures shops and other interesting thigs as the Doll Museum where is an interesting collection of roomboxes and dollhouses to see.


rug almost finished

I don´t remember but I think I have been doing this rug for more then 1 year
Finally is almost finished, just to take it off the frame, to make the fringes and finish the back.
(click the photos to see a bigger image)


ceramic tiny figures

A few weeks ago I bought these two ceramic figures, in a street market in Lisbon, in the part of antiques (and old stuff). I don´t believe they are really antique, but I like them and they costed me half an euro each.