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Hard to find fabrics with tiny patterns, a great variety of more then 550 different patterns, flowers, dots, stripes, checks, geometric, faux patchwork, all suitable for 12th scale or even less.

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Tico-Tico and new followers!!!!!

I must thank to Tico-Tico for a fantastic number of visits in the last few days and new followers . He is, for sure, my best miniature LOL!!!!
He is in very good health, eating at least 3 larvae in each meal, and my husband is feeding him about five times a day.....


Tico-Tico new photos!!!!

Tico-Tico! good news

Yesterday, Tico-Tico had is first solid meal, with no problem; today he ate a larvae as breakfast.
This week-end I am going to take more photos of him to put here.



He is OK! we are trying to feed him with solid food, it is very important that he learns how to feed for himself. Yesterday, we also tried to teach him how to fly.....believe me this is not an easy task.
But we believe he is in good health, he sleeps a lot, what I think is normal, since he is still very young. We hope we are doing everything right.


news about the "Tico-tico"

he is going very well as you can see!

(not so interesting (LOL), I have finished another bag)


more news about the little bat

It seems that the species is Pipistrellus pygmaeus, see this page, is in English.
I talked with a biologist of the Faculty of Science, and we are now trying to feed him with some insect larvae, to teach him how to eat by himself, and only when he is able to fly and to eat , we can try to put him back to the colony.

Baby bat, Monday news!

Yesterday, we saw him trying to fly!!!! We think he is able to fly. Today he has breakfast with us (LOL), he is very active and healthy!!!! I gave him a name "Ticotico (the "i " is to be read as the "i" in "active"), because of the sounds he makes, my husband did like the name, so it is Ticotico, the little bat :) :)


news about the cute little bat, sunday! part II

Baby bat is eating very well, 3 times until now. His behaviour seems very good, he sleeps a lot during the day, he makes those characteristics noises, just like claps when he is hunger. Just, now he is sleeping in the usual place, my husband shirt pocket, hearing opera! LOL
We decided to keep him with us, because it is impossible to know if his mother will reject him. Tmorrow I will contact our Zoo and the Department of Zoology of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences (I am a biologist and I know lot of people there). Meanwhile, we are feeding him just with milk.
But , from what we have been reading, in the middle of July, they should have about half of the adult size. The bats , all the species in Portugal, eat insects, so we can feed him with those insects that we can buy in animal stores, I hope.
We don´t know if is a boy or a girl. ....

news about the cute little bat, sunday!

I found him, he walked all the way along to the living room, and of course he was in the top of the curtains!

news about the cute little bat

I can´t believe, yesterday we put him in the hall (entrance), it is the smaller division of the house, hanging on in a curtain we have there, all doors closed and today we can´t find him again!!!! we are almost sure he can´t fly, he is to young for it...but where could´t him go?????


we have a cute little bat

My husband found a very young bat, just in front of the entrance of the building where I work. There is a colony of bats, just at the top of the front door, under a metal plate (with the name of the building). The little fellow much have fallen from his colony, and he was so dehidrated, that we gave him water with a little piece of cotton. He must think that my husband is his mother, and likes to stay in his shirt's pocket. Of course we brought him home, because it was so hot out there. Today, this morning we didn´t find him any, and we were very worried. Where he has been during all day, in the curtains of one of our rooms.!!! Now, my husband has given him some water and milk.
I hope to have more news and photos tomorrow.


Portuguese decorative wall tiles

Portuguese decorative tiles are beautiful and known around world, Used for centuries in lots of important buildings as palaces and churchs , they are still made using the same old techniques. Some representing classic designs , other with more modern inspiration. I hope you like this ones which I am showing here, making you to serach on the web more about our tiles.

Welcome to my new followers

I have a few new followers! It is so nice when I found I have more people around the world, reading my blog, and this makes me feel so happy. Go to the "seguidores" (followers in Portuguese) and click in the tiny picture to visit their blogs.
A great mini hug for all of you



I have finished another of my bags! If you want to see, made a visit to my bag's blog

And now, welcome for my new followers, Thanks for you all, :):):)


the 10 th of June

Today is holiday in Portugal, it is the day of our country and of all the Portuguese communities around the world. For those that like history, Portugal is one of the oldest European countries, its foundation was in the 12th century.
Tomorrow is also an holiday, but a religious one (catholic), so i am on holidays until next monday because I don´t work friday :):):)


hi! welcome for my new followers

Just to say welcome to my new followers and to say I have put new pictures about Portuguese lovely fabrics in my blog Forever Bags.