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Executo por encomenda móveis em miniatura, ambientes e casas de bonecas. Dou orçamento e prazo de entrega.

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My fabric Catalogue!!!! O meu catálogo de tecidos!!!!!

O meu catálogo de Tecidos com padrões pequeninos!!! Especial para miniaturas, casas de bonecas e vestidos de bonecas!
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High Quality Fabrics! Real fabrics not ink jet printed fabrics!!! Visit my new Blog Forever Fabrics

Hard to find fabrics with tiny patterns, a great variety of more then 550 different patterns, flowers, dots, stripes, checks, geometric, faux patchwork, all suitable for 12th scale or even less.

I buy all around the world so buying from me you will save in P&P!!!

If you don´t feel confortable to buy directly from me, I will be happy to make a list for you, on my Etsy shop!
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One set is almost finished....

I need to finish the bedcover, arrange a little nice cushion, ( I don´t kow  if I am going to use this fabric), but you can get an idea of the all thing.


Furniture sets finished!!!!!!!!!! As mobílias Alentejanas estão prontas!!


Photos are not very good, it was in the end of the day, I was tired of painting dozen of tiny flowers and leaves....Now, I need to glue the beds and to make the roomboxes, yes, each set will be in a kind of roombox, with lots of details.


Christmas Collection - Coleção Natal

I have just posted all my fabrics of the Christmas collection, 23 different patterns , all beautiful and tiny, some with tiny gold accents!!!! I believe you can´t find so many beautiful Christmas fabrics in 12th scale, in just one place, as in my blog Forever Fabrics
Take a look, just clic in the box Christmas Collection in the top of the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a new blog!!!! Forever Fabrics

Forever Fabrics is my new blog just for my fabrics. It is already on-line, but since I have more then 250 fabrics in my stock, I must still complete the blues, reds and greens...
However, you can see the Christmas  and Children collections, the creams and yellows, the browns ...and the blacks and greys.
Now, it is very easy to  pick up what you want, each fabric has a number, you just write down the numbers of the fabrics you want and send an email to me! I will tell you the price, including the P&P to your country.
Another good thing, the on-line Forever Fabrics catalogue will be always up-to-date!!!! (when a fabric is sold out I will remove the picture immediatly).

Please let me know your feedback about the new blog and if you find it easy to use! Your opinion is very important to me!


Work in progress!

All pieces are almost ready to paint, but first they will be cover with a thin layer of acrylic gesso, sanded, cover again, sanded, to obtain a smooth finish, only after this operation painting will be done. In the photos some of the pieces were already treated in this way, as you can see by the "white"  colour. Times seems short to do everything before Christmas, so , let´s work!!


Work in progress!

Until Christmas I must finish 3 sets like this one, all for the same customer, a grandmother that´s want to give them to her 3 grandauthers, I will use different colours, but maintaining the typical colours of these Portuguese painted furniture from Alentejo....So lots of work to do during the next week-ends...


news ....fabrics!

I have just received these lovely fabrics which pattern stripes and flowers are a classic. I am in love with the first one, that instead of the flowers has tiny strawberries . The larger strip is about 1cm and the other 0.5cm....perfect for 12th scale! As usually, if you are interested in some of my fabrics just contact me to my email