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Executo por encomenda móveis em miniatura, ambientes e casas de bonecas. Dou orçamento e prazo de entrega.

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My fabric Catalogue!!!! O meu catálogo de tecidos!!!!!

O meu catálogo de Tecidos com padrões pequeninos!!! Especial para miniaturas, casas de bonecas e vestidos de bonecas!
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Hard to find fabrics with tiny patterns, a great variety of more then 550 different patterns, flowers, dots, stripes, checks, geometric, faux patchwork, all suitable for 12th scale or even less.

I buy all around the world so buying from me you will save in P&P!!!

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countdown to the fair and my birthday!

Today is my birthday, and just 5 days to the fair! Since, it is raining and I still have lots of things to do, I will stay at home (I love to be at home....), and I am going to make some experiences with the table for the fair.
Hugs for everybody!


and...more things to the fair!

Do you remember those frames...? and those things I made with molds, now they are getting together. But i love the half pots, I think they will be great in a balcony, veranda, porch, against a wall, or why not in an entrance of a mediterrean style house....


finishing the pieces for the fair

Beds need a cover and a few pillows, so I have done them for my little beds. (the covers need iron...), but I want to show the fabrics and colours I have chosen. Now i am going to finished a few more things. Not to much time to the fair!!!


Gifts from Brazil!!!!! thank you Regina

I love teapots, in the real life I have a quite huge collection, most of them are in a cupboard in my living room....and last December, the very well known Brazilien miniaturist Regina Passy-Yip and her daugther came to Lisbon as tourists and I met both. Regina is the most sweet and wonderful person, we all had dinner here at home, it was just fantastic. of course she saw my teapot collection, and now she has made to me these wonderful tiny teapots, the gigger is just 1.8 cm, yes 1.8cm!!!!!! I am in love with all, just see the super tiny teapot in the lid of one of them. I want to make a cupboard similar to my real scale one to put them there.

Thank you very much Regina!!!!! the teapots are lovely!

I invite you to visit her site