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something different!

A beautiful Portuguese house façade with our typical blue/white tiles, in the city of Aveiro.

This is a fantastic photo of a front shop in a beautiful town in the north of Portugal, Guimarães. It will be nice to make it in miniature.............

9 comentários:

Katie disse...

OH WOW! That tile is amazing! And I love the detail in those doors!

But I have to say I'm really in love with the second picture!! Look at all the eye-candy! So many things to look at, And it would be Very Neat in miniature! Thanks for sharing these:)

Ana Anselmo disse...

I am very happy you like it Katie!!you always post so nice things in your blog.
If you have time and curiosity make a search in the google images in Portuguese tiles ( in Portuguese you can put Azulejos Portugueses)I am sure you are going to like:
Love from Lisbon

Ascension disse...

Preciosas fotos!!!
La artesania en azulejos en Portugal es famosa, por su calidad y originalidad.
En España, tambien tenemos unos azulejos preciosos, te invito a que los admires tambien.
besitos ascension

Ana Anselmo disse...

Gracias Ascension; a mim me encanta la arquitectura espanhola, incluso los azulejos. Bueno a mi me encanta Espana, es que soy 1/4 espanola, mi abuela era de Madrid y su familia de Aranjuez. Me gusta mucho ir de vacaciones a Espana :):)
Besitos gordos

contar disse...

es una casa impresionante, en mi zona también se trabaja el azulejo y es una decoración que me gusta muchísimo.
un abrazo

Sans! disse...

You make me want to visit Portugal Ana and maybe stay there for a while :).

By the way, do the Portuguese people cook Devil's Curry? This is a very famous dish with the Portuguese community in Malacca, Malaysia :).

Ana Anselmo disse...

You will be very welcome, Sans!!! I would love to show you Lisbon and to tell you where to go all over the country. About your question, no we don´t cook that dish , curry is not a typical dish in the Portuguese food, although I love curry.

Sans! disse...

Ana, I have just checked Wiki and this is what they say about Devil's Curry:

Devil's curry (also known as curry debal in Kristang or curry devil) is a very spicy curry flavoured with candlenuts, galangal and vinegar from the Eurasian Kristang (Cristão) culinary tradition in Singapore and Malacca, Malaysia. It is often served during Christmas and on other special occasions.
Kristang cuisine blends the cuisines of Southeast Asia with a western-style cuisine inherited from Portuguese colonial rulers. Other popular Kristang dishes include curry feng, Eurasian smore (a beef stew), and sugee cake.

I think maybe the curry part is not the Portuguese influence :):)

Gemma (Gempo) disse...

Hola Ana, gracias por hacerte seguidora de mi blog, tienes cosas muy bonitos y me ha encantado la colección de teteras (Bule) que tienes es preciosa. Un saludo