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new things...a table

This is another piece of furniture for the country collection, a drop leaf table (I think this is the name in English, if not please correct me....).. in Portuguese is a "mesa de abas"
It is always nice to have one like this, speccially if you are lacking room, you can put it closed, against the wall, and open it just when you need! Like in real life!

9 comentários:

Thmini2 disse...

That table is very pretty. I haven't seen many in miniature.

duendes disse...

hello dear friend,
just adorable.
I hope that all is well with you and wish you a great week!

Your friend always,

AshTreeCottage disse...

I love your "mesa de abas". I just discovered your charming blog. I have just started to make miniature pillows, quilts and upholstered furniture. Miniatures have become a passion for me and I have a new dollhouse kit that I am putting together. I am so happy to have found you ~ and I hope to learn a bit of Portugese too!

Susan and Bentley

Flor disse...

Que mesa y plantas tan hermosas!!!
Me gusta mucho las bisagras tan pequñitas.

Sans! disse...

Ana, what a magnificent piece of work! I adore drop leaf table especially in miniature because the "engineering" is so fun to play with.

You have made this piece immaculately! I was just thinking when replying on my blog to your comment that you are one biologist who make the most fabulous tables and lo and behold, you posted about this one! Isn't that amazing?

Ana Anselmo disse...

oh!!!! thank you all for your lovely comments, you are so sweet...
@ Duendes, a mini hug from Lisbon
@Susan and Bentley I also love to make miniature pillows, quilts but upholstered furniture is quite difficult to me, at least to make a "clean work", I am quite messy with glue LOL
Sans, my dear Sans, I have a PhD in Environmental Biotechnology (you can find my scientific papers on the internet under the name Anselmo, AM , Portugal) and I work in a Research Public Lab....nothing more different , or not........

Lataina disse...

Wow, your table is fantastic! =)

contar disse...

es perfecta y con seguridad muy practica la podrá poner cualquier sitio sin problemas.
un abrazo

Ann disse...

The table looks fantastic! Fabulous job on it!