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Bavarian folk art - handpainted bed room set

This bedroom set was painted in the Bavarian folk art style also known as Bauernmalerei. The set will be  for selling at the 1zu12 fair, in Germany, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, next 1 and 2 of June!

8 comentários:

BiWuBär disse...

Hello from Germany,

thank you Ana, for joining my blog - this gave me the chance to find yours! I just had a little peek at your latest posts and I can already say your painting is breathtaking. Your bedroom furniture is beautiful, really a nice example of "Bauernmalerei". ;O)


Giac disse...

Hola Ana,
It is one of your best works. The colors are gorgeous and I love the designs.
Big hug,

BiWuBär disse...

Hello again,

you've asked if I would visit the fair in Rheda - I would like to, but it's too far away from where I live (north of Hamburg).


Fabiola disse...

Wonderful! I like colors and designs.
Bye, Faby

ginnysminis disse...

these are amazing....I just love the whole set....xxxx

Silke von Villa Ratatouille Bären disse...

thank you for joining my blog...

your funiture ist so nice... and the colour perfekt : )

adriana isabel guede gonzález disse...

Es un dormitorio muy bonito y muy alegre,que tengas suerte en la feria de alemania,un saludo Adriana.

Sans! disse...

Ana, you constantly amaze me with your painting!