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Katie's fault, Sylvanian mouse mace family

Look what I have bought yesterday on ebay (UK), all of this is Katie's fault!!!! (LOL) yesterday she bought a Calico family, and I could resist. In fact, I want to bought one of this long time ago. Now I must built a little cute house for them, isn´t it?

9 comentários:

A. Wright disse...

I have been looking at these too, so far I have been able to resist them. They are just too cute, I don't know how long I can hold off.

Ana Anselmo disse...

LOL!!!! and I bought all the family together, I couldn´t separate them, couldn´t I?

Katie's Clay Corner disse...

LOL...I think it's great that you have the whole family! Wait till you see them in person, They're so cute! There's a hedge hog family that I'm dying to get my hands on....I think Sylvanians are the Eurpean ones and the Calico Critters are the American ones....But they're both the same thing! Just different animals....sheep, frogs, beavers....LOL, You see how this can get addicting!! LOL!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them! (They're not 1:12 scale, but I don't care.....Who wouldn't want a family of 'cute' mice living in their house!!! Hahaha

Ana Anselmo disse...

Katie, yes you are right, I read somewhere that they are the European "Calico". I saw the sheep family and they ure also so cute, besides I have a family name, from my mother´s side "sheep" (in Portuguese)....can you imagine a all village , with cute little houses with all the animal families. We could made a group, each of us made a little house for a family and one day we put everything together!!!! at least we could try! who wants to join the project?

MiniKat disse...

I love them! I've been collecting these animals since they first came out in the 1980's. :-)

Mary disse...

So cute! haha, sometimes it takes seeing someone else possessing something we desire to give us that final push for it ;)

Katie's Clay Corner disse...

So the computer won't let me email you again! It's really annoying, I just want to be able to talk to you!!! My Mom is making curtains for Cora's kitchen...but she's just real slow! But I love the border on that print you sent me! Maybe you could do a valance with it? Or what about a mini aapron??? That picture you sent me was really pretty!!

OK...I love the idea of a village! How fun is that!! I have to get you the link to Calico Critters....they do have a whole village~ there's even a dentist!!!

Talk to you soon...

Ana Anselmo disse...

Katie, email me to
this one works!!! the only problem I can only see the mails at home; another way, just send as a comment on the blog and I don´t publish it, it is easy and I can reply to your email....
I found all about Calico Critters and Sylvanian. The first were the figures from the Maple town, a TV serie for children. If you want I can send you the link. I saw all the town, the pig family had the restaurant of chinese food called Ton Ton and the site explins lots lots of interesting things and even show the actual Calico and Sylvanian families. There are also some Japanese and European (continental) special editions..

LENIRA disse...

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